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Tri 2 Listen is the podcast for curious triathletes.  Each episode features a coach, athlete or scientist who has a passion for triathlon and endurance sports.  It’s our job to uncover their story.

Current Episode: Kirsten Sass & Volker Winkler - It's Not the Race, It's the Journey

Episode 8

About Tri 2 Listen

Knowledgable host, Suzanne Atkinson, MD has interviewed the famous and the lesser known icons of the sport of triathlon and other endurance sports, including Mark Allen, Gwen Jorgensen, Bobby McGee, Terry Laughlin, Jamie Turner and more.  We hope that you will not only be entertained but also “try to listen” for insightful and educational moments that will help you in your own journey to Tri.

Latest Episode

Kirsten Sass & Volker Winkler – It’s Not the Race, It’s the Journey

Today we have a really special interview from two very important people in my life, Kirsten Sass and her father Volker Winkler.   This interview is important for many reasons.   In 2015, Kirsten and her father Volker fulfilled a lifelong dream for both of them.  Volker’s dream was to race in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, however, after doing near a dozen Ironman races, he failed to finish high enough in his age group. At that point, Kirsten had her own dream of racing with him in Hawaii.  Her only problem was that she needed to qualify.  Listen in to hear their separate journies to arrive in Hawaii together.

Episode  8  |  42 minutes

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