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Episode 9

Joe Friel – Ride Inside: The Ultimate Guide

by | Nov 14, 2020 | podcast | 0 comments


Joe’s recent books, “Fast after Fifty” and  “Ride Inside”   

Issues with aging athletes:

Vo2 Max, muscle mass and fat gain

How Joe researches his books

How research on baby boomers has changed athletics

Incorporating data from wearables on training and lifestyle stress

Training using art for data reluctant athletes

Diet choices for endurance athletes

Genetics and Metabolism

Organizing Joe’s Research Notes

The new book Ride Inside – How it came about

Joe’s next book … for coaches

Joe’s two favorite workouts & training for life

Hosts & Guests

Suzanne Atkinson, MD

Joe Friel


Joe’s Latest Book (affiliate link)

About this Episode


 Joe Friel joins me in an enjoyable discussion about his book writing process, diet choices for athletes, the latest technology in virtual riding, and Joe’s most recen tbook, “Ride Inside: The Ultimate Guide” 

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